Kristine Lilly

April Means More Than Just the Beginning of Spring for Kristine Lilly

April is here, and spring is in the air. I love this time of year as the weather is slowly warming up and the flowers and trees are starting to bloom.

In New England, April brings these signs of spring, but it also brings the Boston Marathon, which took place on Monday, April 15 this year. The Boston Marathon is an amazing day in the city and region as it always falls on the Commonwealth’s Patriots’ Day holiday—allowing for people of all ages to come out to support the runners.

I ran Boston in 2012 to raise money for Boston’s Children’s Hospital. I was so grateful to have the opportunity to run the marathon but also raise over $21,000. In addition to wanting to raise money for a great cause, there were a few other reasons why I decided to run the marathon, including:

  • I had promised Jodi, one of my best friends from high school, that I would run Boston with her when I retired. I retired in January of 2011, gave birth to my second daughter in September of 2011 and ran Boston in April of 2012.
  • I also just turned 40 and it was on my bucket list.

I’ll admit, I didn’t care much for the training process involved with preparing for a marathon. It took a lot of time and was challenging. I take my hat off to everyone that has run a marathon and those that have run multiples. It is a great accomplishment, and I know first-hand that it isn’t an easy task.

Every year that I watch the Boston Marathon, I am brought to tears. Seeing people running for reasons we don’t know and seeing them push through the pain and helping others get across that finish line is so powerful. When I watched this year, in the back of my head, I was like “I could do this again.” Then I rethought it a bit and realized I am happy it is checked off my bucket list.

However, it did motivate me to find a challenge for the near future. Exercise keeps me sane and makes me happy. My goal right now is to gather some friends and find a half marathon or a 5K or 10K to run together.

Why not set your sights on a challenge and grab some friends to make it easier and more enjoyable?

Always Believe!


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