Breakfast Made Easy 4 Ways

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By Steward Health Care Registered Dietitian Courtney Faiola, RD, LDN

After hitting snooze four times, we tend to find ourselves running late, often heading out the door and grabbing a coffee for breakfast and trying to hold out until lunch. While the morning struggle can hit hard, breakfast shouldn’t be skipped. As the age-old saying goes, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”

Breakfast really is the most important meal for several reasons. The first meal of the day breaks the overnight fast and gives us the initial dose of sugar and other nutrients we need to get by and get our energy levels up. This is especially true for children; breakfast helps to keep them focused in school while providing the nutrients their growing bodies need.

Skipping breakfast is essentially an attempt to get by without one-third of our daily intake. This can cause a domino effect throughout the rest of the day. On days where you “don’t have time to eat” in the morning, you may find yourself “hangry” within a few hours and struggling with low energy levels. Odds are you’ll then start to crave high-sugar/high-fat foods and are likely to be generally unsatisfied throughout the day while snacking on unfavorable foods. For this reason, breakfast plays an important role in weight control. It is proven that those who make time to eat a balanced breakfast typically lose more weight and maintain a healthy weight in the long run.

“What can I have for breakfast?” is an easy question to answer with these well-rounded breakfast ideas you can make ahead and eat on the go.

  • Mini Frittatas: This high-protein breakfast option incorporates some of your favorite vegetables and/or proteins with beaten eggs to form a baked omelet with lots of flavor. You can freeze these or hold them in the fridge and grab them as you run out the door.
  • Slow cooker oatmeal: Crockpots aren’t just for dinner; you can also use them overnight to be ready for the morning. Also, oats are a high-fiber food that are bound to keep you fuller longer.
  • Breakfast Quesadillas: For a different spin on quesadillas, add some vegetables (peppers, onions, and broccoli go well) to scrambled eggs and cook into a tortilla shell.
  • Mini Bagel Sandwiches: Egg and cheese with your choice of protein on a mini bagel. These sandwiches freeze well for storage!

No matter how packed your schedule is, remember that breakfast really can get you off on the right foot and keep you going!

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