Seasonal Tips Tips for Kids

Everyone in the Water – Safely!

Going to the beach or pool for a refreshing swim is a great way to cool off. To make sure your water fun is safe and enjoyable, follow these tips:

Learn to Swim

The best way to stay safe in and around water is to learn how to swim. Then, know your swimming limitations and stay within your comfort zone. Even strong swimmers may run into trouble and need help. Choosing to swim in areas that are supervised by a trained lifeguard is a wise idea for swimmers of all abilities.

Stay Together

Water activities pose special challenges for families with children. Children don’t always recognize potentially dangerous situations and should always be closely supervised by an adult who knows how to swim when in or around water. Everyone – including adults – should always have a swimming buddy when in the water.

Know the Rules

Read and follow all posted safety rules, and explain them to children so there’s no misunderstanding. If there are no posted rules, children and non-swimmers should stay in water that’s chest-deep or less.

Float with Caution

“Children and inexperienced swimmers should never rely on ‘floaties’ for their safety,” says James Maguire, MD, a pediatrician affiliated with Steward Health Care. “These products are designed for fun, not to keep swimmers safe. Also, these toys can be extremely tempting to children and can cause them to overreach from the edge and fall into deep water, so remember to collect these items after swimming.”

Know the Water You’re In

Whether it’s the ocean, a lake, river, or pool, understand the water environment you are in.  This includes entry and exit points, currents, tides, depth changes, and obstructions. Take time to be aware of potential hazards, and remind your family and friends that water wisdom can help everyone stay safe and have fun.

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