Having a Hard Time Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolutions?

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Apurva Padubidri, MD, a family medicine physician with Steward Health Care and Steward Medical Group, provides helpful tips to get you back on track.

As the calendar now reads March, are you finding you’re having a hard time staying on track with the New Year’s resolutions you made a few months ago? The reality is that many resolutions made at the start of the new year are abandoned in months, even weeks. This can lead to a feeling of failure and disappointment. But it doesn’t have to.

Dr. Padubidiri, MD is taking a fresh look at our efforts this year as we set goals to lead a healthier, happier life.  She stands by her formula of patience and planning equals production.

“No matter what type of resolution you have set, take it one day at a time. People often get discouraged if they don’t see immediate results – do not take this approach.  The focus needs to be on today. Then, on tomorrow. Each day will get easier. And if you suffer a setback, it’s okay. A setback does not equate to failure. Every day is an opportunity for a fresh start,” she says.

Many people make a resolution and jump right in. This is often a big factor in people ultimately quitting their resolution, particularly early on according to Dr. Padubidri.  With no plan, there’s no real direction.

“A plan is essentially a proper motivation. By creating a concrete plan, you’re set up to succeed,” Dr. Padubidri says. “You must figure out what you need to do to succeed first. Then, you can inject those successful measures in place. Now, you are on your way to creating a concrete plan.”

Another important element of planning is specifics.

“Coming up with a New Year’s resolution is not difficult. However, once it’s time for the work to begin, that resolution can get lost in everyday life. That’s why establishing specifics within the plan is so vital.  If you want to exercise more, layout how you will accomplish this. Detail the time of day and the duration of your workout. You can take this approach with any resolution. To improve your diet or assist with weight loss, work on a meal plan. Make sure you prepare healthy and nutritious plant-based meals and snacks. Learning how to cook and prep in this way can be cost-effective and is the best thing for your weight and overall health. You can take this approach of planning with any resolution.”

She continues, “You know yourself best, be honest. Ask yourself: What do I need to be successful? Whose help do I need? Write down the answers to all your questions. You’d be amazed at how in-depth a plan can become by asking a few simple questions.”

Once an established plan is in place Dr. Padubidri recommends breaking down goals into manageable steps.

“Start small. Set daily goals. By doing so, your progress can be better defined and measured. Plus, it enables you to stay on pace with realistic objectives,” she said.

So, if you’ve had a setback with your resolutions, take a step back and create an outlined plan to follow.  It could be the first step on the way to fulfilling your resolutions throughout the rest of this year.

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