Healthy Snacks to Fuel your Family Road Trip

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Are you traveling this summer; perhaps a family road trip is in store?  It can be easy to fall victim to unhealthy habits when traveling. Stopping at a fast food restaurant for a quick bite can be a fast fix to keep everyone’s bellies full. To avoid the pitfalls of chain restaurants on your road trip try these snacks instead:

  • Pack fresh fruits and cut-up veggies.
  • Gather Ziploc bags and trail mix ingredients such as nuts or seeds, whole grain cereal, dried fruit, and sweets like chocolate chips or M&Ms. Allow the whole family to create their own preferred DIY trail mix.
  • Another snack to enjoy is granola bars. You can either pick up bars at your nearest market or make at home with a few simple ingredients.
  • Chocolate covered nuts and fruit will satiate the family’s sweet tooth while still providing key vitamins and nutrients.
  • Similar to DIY trail mix, pack snacks that stand well on their own but work together to create a heartier treat. Combine granola or cereal with yogurt and dried fruit, or enjoy each on their own.
  • A great alternative to chips are dehydrated fruits and veggies. Try snap peas and banana, carrot, or zucchini; pair with your favorite hummus or dip.

Enjoy these yummy treats with the whole family on the way to your next adventure!

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