It’s Time to Get Your Shots

Preventive Service Steward Health Care

We all need shots (vaccines) to help protect us from serious diseases. As part of our ongoing mission to keep our communities healthy and safe, Steward Health Care is participating in National Immunization Awareness Month throughout August.

“A vaccine, or immunization, is given to children and adults to trigger their immune system to produce antibodies to fight against a certain infection or virus,” says Michael Carnathan, MD, a Steward Medical Group family medicine physician. “Shots can prevent serious diseases like the flu, measles, and pneumonia. And, vaccines not only protect the person they are given to, but they also protect the population at large.”

It’s important to know which shots you need and when to get them. Everyone ages 6 months, and older, should get a flu vaccine every year. Other types of shots work best at specific ages or life stages.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides comprehensive lists of the vaccines you need at every stage of your life as well as for women who are pregnant.

  • Children: Follow this chart of recommended immunizations for children age 6 or younger.
  • Preteens and Teens: This easy-to-read schedule outlines recommended immunizations for children 7 to 18 years old.
  • Adults: Use this quiz to learn about the vaccines you may need as an adult and refer to this chart to see if you are up to date on your shots.
  • Pregnant Woman: Check out this guideline of vaccines intended to keep you and your growing family stay healthy.

If you have any questions about vaccines for you or your family, talk to your primary care physician or pediatrician to make sure that everyone in your family receives the shots they need.

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