Kristine Lilly Challenges Herself and Challenges You

Kristine Lilly Steward Health Care

Kristine Lilly is a legendary U.S. Soccer World Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist and Steward’s Community Wellness Ambassador.

If you find you are still getting back into your routine with your kids and/or with work, then you are just like me. Even though it is almost February, I find recuperating from the holidays takes time and sometimes it’s hard to get back into our normal routine quickly.

Once you settle back into a routine, you may find yourself looking for something to do – maybe something new or just a small challenge.

Along with trying to enjoy more this year, I am also giving myself little challenges to try to complete. A challenge should be something that isn’t easy to do and pushes your limits but isn’t something so far out of your reach that you aren’t able to accomplish it. Ultimately, it needs to be something that will make you happy in the end.

My challenge during January and February is to focus on yoga. This may seem like an easy challenge, but it isn’t an easy one for me as I tend to do more running and lifting for exercise. Yoga is not my norm. However, I want to make it part of my norm.

One of my best friends set a challenge for herself to be able to do five pull-ups by the end of the month. Now, this isn’t easy at all, but it is a challenge she feels she can accomplish.

Think about small challenges for you. Maybe walk for 30 minutes on a lunch break or have a smoothie instead of a bagel for breakfast on Mondays and Fridays, or CALL instead of texting a friend on Wednesdays to catch up.

Get out there and pick a challenge for yourself and even try getting a friend to do it with you.

Always Believe!

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