Kristine Lilly

Kristine Lilly Gives Insight on the Final 16 World Cup Soccer Teams Competing for the Trophy

The 2019 Women’s World Cup has finished group stage. For those of you that don’t know what that means let me give you a quick explanation. There are 24 teams in the World Cup, six groups of four and each team plays three games. The top two teams move along with four third-place teams.

The round of 16 has started and this is win or go home time. When I was playing, we always wanted to get to this part of the World Cup – getting out of your group. Now if you lose you are out. It is more intense, and everything is on the line.

The teams that are in the round of 16 are:

  • Germany played Nigeria and beat them
  • Norway and Sweden played and went to overtime, penalty kicks and Norway won
  • England vs. Cameroon
  • Host country France vs. Brazil
  • Sweden vs Canada
  • USA vs. Spain
  • Italy vs. China
  • Netherlands vs. Japan

All of these teams will be fun to watch but, in the end, one will hold the trophy.

This World Cup, there were five countries to enter the tournament for the first time – Thailand, Jamaica, Costa Rica, South Africa and Scotland. These countries represented themselves well and continue to need financial support from their organizations to keep improving and being more competitive.

Then there are the countries that have been in every World Cup so far. This is the eighth World Cup for Women. Teams like Brazil, USA, Germany, Japan, Nigeria, Norway and Sweden have all been in the eight World Cups. USA has won three World Cups, Germany has won two, and Norway and Japan have each won one.

I have been a part of two of the USA’s Winning World Cup teams and it really is an amazing feeling. I know the nerves and excitement these players are experiencing and the feeling of being on that field and representing your country is humbling and an honor.

Sit back and watch the second part of this World Cup and watch these women fight to be the best in the world. I will be in Lyon, France where the Semi and Finals will take place. It will be so fun to be at the games with my two girls who are very excited to go to France and attend the World Cup.


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