Kristine Lilly’s Tip – Time to Spring Clean Your House and Your Diet

Kristine Lilly, Nutrition Steward Health Care

Kristine Lilly is a legendary U.S. Soccer World Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist and Steward’s Community Wellness Ambassador.

I am three days into my 13-day smoothie challenge.  I have to say my favorite smoothie right now is the Green Graper. Obviously, there will be smoothies that you tend to like a bit more than others but overall, they all have been good for me. For those of you doing the smoothie challenge, great job and keep it up.

Along with my smoothie in the morning, I am drinking a glass of water right when I wake up. All these little adjustments in my routine help me to feel better and stay hydrated.

Over the past month, I have been scanning the internet about National Nutrition Month and the one message that I see repeatedly is to eat less processed foods. I think this is a great way to look at changing your diet.

In my terms, I say eat fewer things out of a box.  One way to help me eat healthier snacks is cutting up a bunch of carrots for the week so when I want to go grab a snack I have them as an option.  I also have nuts handy as well as fresh fruit.

I know some of you are thinking “that just doesn’t hit the spot for me.”  I get it and I feel that at times. However, the more you change your diet to eating healthier whole foods, the more your taste buds will change and not crave so much salty or sugary foods.

Now, is my food intake all fruits and vegetables and whole foods? No! I do try, every day, to put the good foods into my body but I do love a piece of dark chocolate and something salty as well.

One other tip for you— if you don’t want to eat it, then don’t buy it!

Remember to be proud of the steps you are taking to change your food intake to whole foods.  The fact that you are paying attention to the foods you eat is a major accomplishment.  Be proud and be strong.

Always Believe!

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