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Obesity: With the Right Resources, YOU Can Overcome

Obesity has become a large problem in our society. But with a different perspective about life and how to approach food you can make big changes.

Obesity imposes limitations

Obesity is not defined solely by excess calories or extra fat on your arms or abdomen. Obesity affects all the components that make up who you are: body, mind and soul. While you have been trying to lose weight for many years, this silent killer is working very hard against you. Obesity works hard to limit your ability to enjoy the beautiful things in your life. Obesity is limiting you from playing with your children and grandchildren. It is limiting you from traveling and discovering new places, exploring new horizons and meeting new people. Obesity limits your quality of life in general.

You make the decisions

You are in control! What you decide to eat and nourish your body with today will decide your quality of life tomorrow. It’s you who decides whether to have a piece of fruit or something fried, laden with salt and saturated fats. As adults, we must take responsibility for our own actions and decisions – each decision, whether right or wrong will shape your destiny. By embracing the reality of the obesity epidemic, you have the power to make the right decisions and right choices. It is not always easy but with the right attitude and proper tools, it is achievable.

You have the power to change

Obesity and food addiction, in many cases, can be a way of life. It is learned behavior based on how you cope with certain situations. There are also environmental, social, and genetic factors that contribute to obesity. Although there are many components that make obesity a strong, silent killer, you have the power and resources to change and correct the damage it has done in your life.

The bottom line: You are stronger than this silent killer because of your knowledge, willpower, and ability to overcome adversity. Along with the proper tools and resources, you can start making the changes today that will prolong and enhance your life in the future.

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