Q&A with Dr. Nita Pant

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We had a conversation with Dr. Nita Pant, a primary care physician at Holy Family Hospital, to learn about her specialty and interests.

nitapantWhere else have you practiced medicine?

I have worked in various parts of India, Republic of Maldives and also as an inpatient hospitalist in various hospitals in the Boston area.

What is your specialty?

Primary care. I have good experience in the field of adult internal medicine, treating various diseases.
And I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to serve the elderly population at nursing homes in the Andover, Methuen and Haverhill communities.

What are your special interests?

I am interested in preventive medicine. My keen interest lies in prevention of complications of chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes and obesity. While working in hospitals, I saw complications of these diseases; complications I believe doctors and patients can work together to minimize, and that is what inspired me to become a primary care physician.

Anything other interests?

Infectious disease. I have delivered lectures on infectious diseases topics, and presented various posters while doing my residency at St. Elizabeth Medical Center in Boston, MA.

Have you mentored?

I taught undergraduate students and residents in India as well as at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center -including medical students from Tufts University.

What about volunteer work?

I volunteered care for the underprivileged in India, as well as in assisted living facilities and various primary care practices in Chicago, IL. I also volunteered in the research project Cardiology Quality of Care Study at University of Chicago.

What do you like about Holy Family Hospital?

At Holy Family Hospital patients receive the best possible care during their hospitalization, as well as follow up care with specialists. Holy Family Hospital has a network of home care specialists and visiting nurses who coordinate care with appropriate specialists and primary care physicians, which helps elders in our communities a lot.

What do you do for fun and relaxation?

I love doing Yoga, cooking, and playing with my son. His laughter makes me very happy. I like to play chess, watch movies and talk with my family in India. In my spare time I like to do community service.

What are your tips for healthy living?

Healthy eating habits including fresh low sugar fruits, regular exercise, and staying hydrated, which is very important.

How do you relieve stress?

Yoga and meditation helps relieve day-to-day stress, and good books are always our best friends.

What is of utmost importance to you?

The desire to help others. It enriches our lives, and helps us develop empathy, compassion, love, and harmony.

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To find a doctor or schedule an appointment, visit Steward DoctorFinder™.