Sebastian River Medical Center November 2020 Newsletter

Surgeons Use Groundbreaking Technology for Joint Replacement Surgery

Orthopedic surgeons routinely use pre-operative, 3-dimensional CT scans coupled with computer augmented surgical navigation and implant design to facilitate the best possible implant and surgical techniques to meet patient needs. Kirk Maes, MD and Anthony Ware, MD of Steward Orthopedic and Sports Medicine, are performing joint replacement surgery utilizing the most advanced techniques available including 3-dimensional, computer guided technology – ExacTech GPS® –  and customized instrumentation and implants – Conformis – getting patients back to living active and healthy lifestyle. Learn more

Preparing a Healthy Holiday Meal

The holidays are a time for festivities and joy – now more than ever – and food always seems to be the one thing that brings everyone together. Whether your plans have changed during the pandemic and you are cooking a more intimate meal, or you decided to hold a safe, family gathering in your home, following some healthy recipe tips can assist you in creating some wonderful meals and still help to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Learn more

Breaking Down the Facts on Diabetes

The American Diabetes Association reports that 88 million American adults (18 and older) are pre-diabetic, which is nearly 33 percent of the adult population.  There are the three “Ps” of diabetes: Polyuria (having to urinate frequently); Polydipsia (increased thirst); and Polyphagia (increased appetite). If you are experiencing these symptoms, it’s important to speak with your physician.

Robert Watine, MD discusses the types of diabetes, management and prevention.

Welcome Milagros Pichardo, MD

Sebastian River Medical Center and Steward Medical Group are pleased to welcome Dr. Pichardo to Sebastian River Primary Care.  Dr. Pichardo is bilingual in English and Spanish and is committed to treating patients with multiple, complex medical conditions.

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SRMC, Caring for the Community

My doctor was Dr. Domkowski and he explained the types of surgery.  The staff was good about educating me, before and after, and how to take care of myself.  The GERD went away and the 14 pills I was taking, I am taking none now.  – Stephanie

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