Steward Health Care Partners with Boston Ballet

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Steward Medical Group’s Thomas Gill, MD, has been appointed the medical director of Boston Ballet. With a history of working with the New England Patriots and the Boston Red Sox, Gill – and his team of Steward doctors – will use his expertise in the sports industry to deliver world class care to the professional dancers of Boston Ballet.

In conjunction with this appointment, Steward is the Preferred Health and Wellness Provider of Boston Ballet. This partnership aligns with Steward’s commitment to excellence and superior service to all patients. This partnership will leverage the expertise and medical resources of Steward to provide Boston Ballet a premiere health and wellness program.

“Boston Ballet, like Steward, has a commitment to excellence,” said Dr. Gill. “We will provide top-notch care for these world class artists and athletes for rehabilitation and recovery purposes to help avoid future injuries.”

This partnership will provide medical assistance to dancers through pre-habilitation, intervention, treatment, and rehabilitation. By supplying new equipment and technology, Steward and Dr. Gill will enhance the versatility and amount of resources currently accessible in the physical therapy department at Boston Ballet.

“I am thrilled with our new partnership with Steward Health Care and very excited to be working with the renowned Dr. Thomas Gill and the wonderful network of Steward physicians,” said Mikko Nissinen, Boston Ballet Artistic Director. “My primary interest is my dancers, and our goal is to always expand the care for the Company. We ask a lot from these exceptional artists and we do everything possible to support them. Many aren’t aware of the high caliber orthopedic treatment that is available at Steward hospitals. Adding their expertise to our health care coverage puts all of our minds at ease.”

As a part of the program, Dr. Gill’s team will work in close coordination with Boston Ballet’s Director of Physical Therapy Heather Southwick. Steward Health Care is pleased to combine forces to enhance and expand medical coverage through its broad network of doctors, state-of-the-art physical therapy equipment, physical therapy staff enhancement, and sponsorship.


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