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Tips for Managing Holiday Stress

Whether gearing up for your first family holiday at home or planning holiday travel, these five easy steps will keep you prepared and ready for any holiday stress that may come your way.

Take the Necessary Steps to Ensure Good Health

Eat right, get plenty of sleep and make sure you have your immunizations in order to stay healthy. In order to follow through with these goals, aim to plan your week ahead. This should include lunch and dinner menu, chores, etc. to help you have control of your schedule.

Take Time for Yourself

The holidays can be “all-consuming” so it’s important to take time to do the things you love. Read a book, watch a movie, exercise and get out in the fresh air. While you are gifting others, be mindful that 10 minutes alone can be a gift to yourself.

Learn to Say No

If you are feeling overwhelmed it’s okay to say no to things you really don’t want to do or don’t feel you have time to do. Sometimes others forget or do not realize the stress that another person is under. Find the best ways to communicate your needs and wants with those around you.

Don’t Spend More Than You Can Afford During the Holidays

Overspending causes stress during the holidays and afterward when the bills come in. As referenced before, make sure to plan ahead…this includes your budget. Keep in mind, the best gifts aren’t from the department store and are instead from the heart. Look for creative ways to gift-give whether through DIY projects or bargain shopping at your local antiques or thrift store.

Try Not to Overdo It

Don’t eat or drink too much because the extra pounds, though easy to put on, are difficult to take off after the holidays. Whenever you feel the urge to rid your self of stress through eating or drinking, take 10 breaths and think through why you are having this craving and how you can put this energy elsewhere.

The holidays are a time to relax and spend time with family and friends; don’t let holiday stress get in the way.

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