Tips to Prevent Dance Injuries

Whether you are a ballet, hip hop, or ballroom dancer, all types of dance come with a risk of injury. Even though dance may look easy and effortless to the spectator, dance requires a lot of strength, flexibility, stamina, and years of training.

classical ballet dancer dancing on the stage

Dancing works muscle groups in different ways than other forms of exercise. It also impacts the joints. Recent studies have found that dance injuries from joints and muscles overuse, specifically in the ankle, leg, foot or lower back, are the most common in dancers. Overall, some common dance injuries are:

  • Hip injuries
  • Foot and ankle injuries
  • Knee injuries
  • Stress fractures of the bones in the feet, tibia and lumbar spine
  • Arthritis in the knee, hip, ankle and foot

So, how can a dancer prevent these injuries from happening? A majority of overuse injuries can be prevented by following these dancer injury prevention tips:

  • Stay hydrated and eat well before, during and after class
  • Get enough rest and don’t over train
  • Build strength and endurance in every part of your body by doing cross-training exercises
  • Always wear proper shoes and clothing
  • Always warm up before training or performances
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle and get to know your body

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*Source: Johns Hopkins Medicine,

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