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Betty Medeiros-Beattie, MD, chief of anesthesiology at Saint Anne’s Hospital, is making history every day by caring for patients. Read what inspired Dr. Medeiros-Beattie to specialize in this field and how patients are benefiting, every day.

What do you find most rewarding about being a physician?

I am lucky to work in a field where I am constantly challenged intellectually while at the same time feel like I am making a positive contribution to my community and society. As an anesthesiologist who is Portuguese-speaking in a largely Portuguese community, I am more able to make a personal connection with my patients and put them at ease at a very stressful time in their life. Seeing their relief and gratitude for these interactions is very rewarding, and I view it as an honor to be trusted with their health and well-being.

Why did you choose your specialty area?

Few careers afford the opportunity to constantly remain engaged and challenged intellectually while working in an arena that significantly and deeply affects people’s lives. It is one of the only specialties in medicine where one gets to routinely utilize everything learned in medical training. A good anesthesiologist must draw on a solid mastery of physiology, pharmacology, pathology, technology, and biochemistry to adapt and adjust for every individual patient. After spending time actually participating in anesthesia and not merely observing, it became apparent that
anesthesiology is extremely intellectually engaging and the perfect fit for me.

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With regard to breast cancer treatment or breast health, what is an important message/key information you like/want to tell women/your patients?

The anesthesia providers at SAH have a commitment to our breast cancer
patients to provide the best care possible using innovative anesthetic
techniques that have been associated with improved survival and decreased recurrence of breast cancer. They function by reducing surgical stress and increasing the number of natural killer cells, which are vital to the immune system and the body’s defense against cancer.

Why did you choose to work at Saint Anne’s Hospital?

I am originally from Southeastern Massachusetts and always hoped that I could return to the area and give back to the community in which I was raised. Specifically, Saint Anne’s was the perfect fit for me because it embodies the same values I hold high – excellent patient care through compassion,
kindness, and empathy from all of its employees.

What do you think the community should know about your area of specialty/care overall at Saint Anne’s?

The anesthesiologists at Saint Anne’s have a palpable commitment to their patients. If you’ve ever been a patient here, you know what I am talking about. I never get tired of hearing patient praises, like “You all must love your jobs because you seem so happy and eager to help,” or “Everyone is so nice here. You’ve all made me feel so comfortable.” We owe it to our patients to provide them with a safe, calming environment where they are receiving the most innovative care plan tailored for their particular procedure. We constantly strive for excellence, and our patients shouldn’t expect any less from us.

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