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Tips and Reminders for Back-to-School from Steward Health Care

August officially means another school year is just around the corner. While you’re preparing your back-to-school checklists, health care professionals like the ones at Steward are ready to do their part of making the transition back into the classroom as smooth as possible.

Fortunately, we’re in a much different situation than we were at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and even when schools were reopening last year. As we approach the end of summer vacation–especially if your student is going back to full time in-person learning – remember to follow these simple tips to ensure the healthiest school year possible!

The Importance of Physical Examinations

Scheduling a routine physical exam is the key to ensuring your child’s health remains a top priority throughout the school year. Physicals are not only important back-to-school preparation, but they are also a great way to assess your child’s health, attitude, growth, and development every year. Yearly physical exams are required by many schools and they:

  • Allow children to partake in sports teams and extracurricular programs at school
  • Give schools updated information on any recent health developments, prescriptions, and changes in overall well-being
  • Bring a sense of safety and security to families

Don’t wait – remember to schedule your appointment a few weeks in advance in order to start the school year off right!

Immunizations Are a Must

Back-to-school physicals are the perfect time to ask your child’s pediatrician about immunizations. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), we have been able to prevent the contraction of some of the worst diseases in history, such as mumps, polio, measles, coronavirus, and influenza. The CDC also cites that some immunizations like the HPV vaccine – recommended for all preteens 11 or 12 years old – can prevent up to 90 percent of HPV-attributable cancers, so staying current on all immunizations is essential to keeping our children, families, and communities safe.

As we kick off a new school year together, let’s make sure we start with a healthy and strong foundation, by getting any necessary vaccines and scheduling an appointment with your child’s primary care physician. To find a pediatric specialist in our network, please visit Steward DoctorFinder™ or call 800-488-5959.

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