Fighting Back Against Diabetes

You can ward off the risk of diabetes complications by following up with your health care provider through regularly scheduled physicals and eye exams, as well as:

  • Eating healthfully.  Healthy eating is not as complicated as you imagined.  For most people, having diabetes simply translates into eating a variety of foods (whole grains, vegetables, fruits) in moderate amounts and sticking to regular meal times.
  • Breaking a sweat. Exercising at least 30 minutes on most or all days is a good goal.  Talk with your health care provider to discuss your physical challenges.  Physical activity can help lower your blood sugar as well as improve your body’s ability to use insulin.
  • Managing your weight. Studies have shown that losing as little as 10 percent of your weight can make a significant impact on blood sugar as well as blood cholesterol and blood pressure.   
  • Quitting smoking.  From inhalers to patches, numerous aids exist that can help you quit. People with diabetes who smoke are at least twice as likely as nonsmokers with diabetes to die of heart attack or stroke.
  • Taking a daily aspirin. If recommended by your health care provider, low-dose aspirin can reduce your heart attack and stroke risks.

To find a doctor or schedule an appointment visit Steward DoctorFinder™ or call 1-800-488-5959.

To find a doctor or schedule an appointment, visit Steward DoctorFinder™.

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