To all Steward Doctors on National Doctors’ Day –

Thank you. This year has been extraordinarily challenging – and one none of us will soon forget. Your work through unimaginable circumstances has been heroic, your resolve absolute, and your strength tireless. We’re grateful for your care and work each and every year, but this National Doctors’ Day, we are especially thankful for all you do.

Today, we celebrate your stunning accomplishments over the course of this most unprecedented, trying year – from learning new treatment methods and protocols seamlessly, to taking on emotional support roles for patients and their families, and from developing new methods for managing patient demand and needs, to providing constant support and partnership to your community of colleagues. Through it all-  your skill, dedication, and heart has been on display. Your efforts fighting on the frontlines of the pandemic will always be admired, remembered, and appreciated.

We hope you feel the immense gratitude and admiration for you and your work that we, your Steward community, all share. Thank you, as always, for all you do for us each day.

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