Nurses Week

It’s National Nurses Week, and here at Steward, we’re celebrating our thousands of nurses across the system who go above and beyond every day to care for our patients. Especially during the pandemic, we want to highlight these health care heroes who have worked to keep our communities safe during a once-in-a-generation public health crisis.

Steward serves countless patients in diverse communities across the country and it’s thanks to our nurses on the frontlines — working closely with their clinical teams — that we can provide the kind of compassionate, community-based care that is so central to our mission.

Whether it is flying across state lines to treat patients at the height of the pandemic or working hand-in-glove with a surgeon on a groundbreaking new procedure, our nurses are essential to everything Steward does. The deep relationships they’ve built with their patients and the painstaking lengths they go to bring high-quality care to their communities are unmatched.

One of the many ways we’re supporting our nurses is through our new Nursing Leadership Academy, which provides valuable professional development and facilitates lifelong learning in a profession that is always evolving. The NLA will provide the next generation of nurse leaders with an avenue to strengthen their skills, acquire new competencies, and expand their knowledge. Key focus areas for the program include cultural ambassadorship, communication, business acumen and leadership.

But this isn’t just about supporting our current nurses, it’s also about nurturing the next generation. The NLA builds on Steward’s commitment to invest in tomorrow’s health care leaders, and will equip current and future nurses with the critical skills needed to confront the health care challenges they face today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Nurses truly are the backbone of Steward. This week and every week, they have our deepest gratitude. Thank you for everything you do. We encourage everyone to join us this week and thank a nurse in their community.