Flu Pregnancy

Protect Your Baby – Get a Flu Shot

If you are pregnant, then it is time to get your flu vaccine. Vaccines not only protect you but also your unborn baby or babies.

Did you know?

  • Flu is more likely to cause severe illness in pregnant women than in women who are not pregnant.
  • Pregnant women with flu also have a greater chance for serious problems for their developing baby, including premature labor and delivery.

“It is vital that pregnant women receive the flu vaccine provided they do not have previous negative reactions,” says Isabel Morais, MD, a Steward Health Care OB-GYN. “We have years of data that demonstrate that the flu vaccine can be lifesaving for moms and babies. Most side effects are mild and severe reactions are rare. If this is your concern, talk to your doctor or nurse-midwife.”

According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the flu vaccine does “double duty” by protecting both you and your baby. Babies cannot get the flu vaccine until they are six months old. When you get a flu shot during pregnancy, the protective antibodies made in your body are transferred to your baby. These antibodies will protect your baby against the flu until he or she can get the vaccine at six months of age.

*Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,

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