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BEing FAST Can Save a Life!

BEing FAST Can Save a Life!

May is National Stroke Awareness Month and knowledge can save a life. According to the American Heart Association, in the United States, stroke accounted for approximately one of every 19 deaths, and in 2019 (on the average) someone died of a stroke every three minutes and 30 seconds. Getting the best care in a timely manner is key! The three main types of strokes include:

Ischemic Stroke: Blood supply to part of the brain is interrupted or reduced, preventing brain tissue from getting oxygen and nutrients. Brain tissue begins to die within minutes.

Hemorrhagic Stroke: Blood vessel breaks and bleeds into the brain. This type of stroke is less common but can be devastating and accounts for half of stroke deaths. Brain tissue begins to die within minutes.

Transient Ischemic Stroke (TIA): This is often referred to as a warning or “mini-stroke. It is a temporary period of symptoms like those of a stroke. A TIA usually lasts only a few minutes and doesn’t cause permanent damage.

Depending on the area and side of the cerebrum affected by the stroke, many areas and functions within the body can be affected. Some may include:

  • Movement and sensation
  • Speech and language
  • Eating and swallowing
  • Vision
  • Cognitive (thinking, reasoning, judgment, and memory) ability
  • Perception and orientation to surroundings
  • Self-care ability
  • Bowel and bladder control

No matter the type of stroke, it is critical to receive the appropriate care in the fastest time possible, you must B.E.F.A.S.T. when you suspect someone may be having a stroke. Being fast can save a life and brain tissue, reducing the effect

B = Balance – Does the person have a sudden loss of balance.
E = Eyes – Has the person lost vision in one of both eyes?
F = Face – Does the person’s face look uneven?
A = Arms – Is one arm weak or numb?
S = Speech – Is the person’s speech slurred?
T = Time – CALL 911 NOW!

Sebastian River Medical Center and Rockledge Regional Medical Center are proud to have earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for Primary Stroke Center Accreditation. Both facilities have demonstrated continuous compliance with performance standards. The Gold Seal is a symbol of quality that reflects a health care organization’s commitment to providing safe and quality patient care.


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