Have a Hernia?

Five million men and women are affected by hernias annually in the U.S. Hernias can lead to much more pain and severe conditions if left untreated.

There are several types of hernias, and they most frequently occur in the abdomen; however, they can also occur in the groin, navel, or site of a previous incision due to surgery. Common causes of hernias include strenuous activity or heavy-lifting, obesity, straining as a result of constipation, excessive coughing, and family history.

“Some things to look out for if you are concerned that you may develop, or have a hernia include, a lump or mass in the groin or abdominal region, accompanied by pain or tenderness,” explains Yusef Kudsi, MD, MBA, FACS, a world-renowned surgeon with Steward Health Care and Steward Medical Group who specializes in robotic-assisted hernia repair. “Other symptoms include pain associated with coughing, bowel movements or urination, and standing for long periods.”

In some cases, hernias may self-reduce. However, this is not always the case. Treatment is dependent on a host of factors—the severity of a hernia, overall health of the patient, and what type of hernia it is and where it is located.  Traditionally, hernia has been treated through either open or laparoscopic surgery—both of which have proven success rates. However, recent medical advancements have allowed hernia to be repaired using minimally invasive robotic surgery. Robotic surgery is performed by a highly skilled surgeon and features a 3D-HD visualization system as well as small surgical instruments. The system has the capabilities of moving with greater precision and control.

While not every patient qualifies for robotic surgery, those that do may benefit from:

  • Lower rates of pain and improved patient satisfaction
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Lower rates of complications and hernia recurrence

If you are concerned that you may be experiencing symptoms of a hernia, consult your primary care physician for an assessment.


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