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Sarcoma Awareness Month

Throughout the month of July, Steward Health Care is uniting with people around the world who are raising awareness about a rare and often “forgotten” cancer. While many of us proudly wear multicolored ribbons to honor the fight against different cancers, we often overlook the yellow ribbon—the symbol for sarcoma. As we enter Sarcoma Awareness Month, help us spread the word by learning about this overlooked disease.

What are Sarcomas?

To put it simply, sarcomas are cancers of the connective tissue, meaning they can appear almost anywhere in your body. There are two types of sarcomas: bone sarcomas and soft tissue sarcomas. There are over 100 known subtypes of sarcoma, with malignant tumors developing anywhere from your muscle and fat to your blood vessels and nerves.

Why are Sarcomas “forgotten?”

Sarcomas are considered the “forgotten” cancer because they are the rarest, making up only 1 percent of cancer diagnoses in adults and approximately 15 percent of childhood cancer cases. However, the lack of public awareness about sarcomas and their symptoms contributes to later diagnoses, making treatment options and research more challenging. The symptoms of sarcomas aren’t always obvious, either. In their early stages, sarcomas typically present as a small, painless lump. For these reasons, it is critical that patients have regular check-ups with their doctor and monitor any new lumps.

Why do we commemorate Sarcoma Awareness Month?

Across the country, Steward Health Care hospitals are recognizing Sarcoma Awareness Month because education is the first and most essential step in bringing light to this “forgotten” cancer. Learning the signs of sarcoma today is potentially lifesaving. This July, we encourage each of you to join us in learning the signs and spreading the word about sarcoma.


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