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Seeing Double: Twins Born on 2/22/22 at The Medical Center of Southeast Texas

Port Arthur, TX — Yesterday, February 22, 2022, a pair of twins named Santiago and Melany were born at the Medical Center of Southeast Texas. To celebrate the birth of twins on such an auspicious date—2/22/22—the hospital provided the family with a gift of diapers, wipes, a little swaddle set and two toys. Santiago is an older brother, born (of course) two minutes before younger sister Melany.

“We’re thrilled The Medical Center of Southeast Texas could welcome twins Santiago and Melany into the world on such a perfect occasion. What better day for twins to be born than one that celebrates great duos?” said Christina Irion, Director of Women’s Services at The Medical Center of Southeast Texas.

Additional photos of the twins and hospital gift are available HERE.

Older brother Santiago (left) and sister Melany (right) were born on 2.22.22.Older brother Santiago (left) and sister Melany (right) were born on 2.22.22.


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