Steward Health Care Website Recognized as Best-In-Category

Steward Health Care System (“Steward”) has been recognized as Best-In-Category for its new website at a major digital marketing industry conference, the annual Acquia Engage Awards. With the launch of its new website in early 2016, Steward became the first major provider network in one of the nation’s leading medical markets to provide a fully mobile-integrated website that delivers custom content for patients based on their prior in-site visits.

The winner of the Acquia Engage Awards is determined by a panel of web content and digital marketing experts, who selected winning projects in 13 categories from 88 finalists out of over 150 submissions. Steward and Hatch 130, an advertising agency and partner of Steward, secured first place in the health care category of the competition. Other finalists in the category included Johnson & Johnson, Avalere Health, and Temple University Fox Chase Cancer Center.

“Steward had me at “what are you looking for?” This is a really nice way to greet a web visitor and offer them six different content paths in addition to a search bar. A wonderful, inviting way reflective of the mom-and-pop store manager who greets the shop visitors with a smile and handshake. You want healthcare websites to be in-and-out, and this website succeeds there. They knew their website was not patient-friendly, and now it is,” said Dom Nicastro, one of the Engage Award judgers and a staff reporter for CMS Wire, the leading business publication covering digital customer experiences.

“I was very impressed by the quality of this year’s submissions for the Acquia Engage Awards,” said Beth Negus Viveiros, managing editor of the Chief Marketer Network, who served as a judge for the award program. “Across the board, the websites entered for consideration showcased excellent design and measurable results, and offered user experiences that were not only attractive but easy to navigate and use.”

As a national leader in health care delivery innovations, Steward is also pioneering improvements to the patient-user experience online. Input from hundreds of patients through surveys, interviews, and usability tests helped drive the creation of the new The custom response patient “dial pad” is amongst the marquee innovation within the new; allowing patient-users to instantly find a doctor, make an appointment, or access medical information through the “StewardConnect” patient-user portal.

“Our goal during the redesign of the website was to develop a site focused first and foremost on patients’ needs,” said Brian Carty, Chief Marketing Officer of Steward. “By providing the level of user-oriented experience that consumers have come to expect from major retail brands, Steward is leading our industry towards putting the patient first – not just through the world-class care we provide, but through how we offer access to those world-class services.”

The Steward website was built on the Acquia user engagement platform. Acquia, a Five-time Inc. 500 Honoree for America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies, is the leading cloud platform for building, delivering and optimizing digital experiences.

To find a doctor or schedule an appointment, visit Steward DoctorFinder™.

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