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All Treats and No Tricks – Tips for Healthy, Safe Trick or Treating!

Whether it be ghosts or ghouls or princesses or unicorns, children, tweens/teens and adults are readying to take to neighborhood streets for one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. 

  1. Sanitize: Bring hand sanitizer with you while trick-or-treating and use it after touching objects or other people. Wash your hands when you get home.
  2. Social Distancing– Avoid trick-or-treating in large groups, and social distance from others around the neighborhood. If wearing a mask, pay caution to doubling up on wearing a protective mask and a costume mask as it can make breathing difficult.
  3. Get Moving: Above all, trick or treating requires kids to get up, get on their feet and go. From a health perspective, those few hours can allow kids to benefit from great exercise and lots of fun. Try to monitor candy intake to prevent overindulgence and, if you own a fitness tracking tool or subscribe to a fitness app or similar watch, add another fun dimension by seeing how many steps you and your group can earn during the evening.
  4. Allergies Beware: Halloween can be a dangerous and risky time for kids with food allergies. Families should review potential allergens and risks before parties or going trick or treating. Older kids can be taught how to read food labels and kids should always be sure to have their Epi-Pen with them. Homes that display a teal-colored pumpkin (part of the Teal Pumpkin Project) will likely have allergy-free treats, but it is always best practice to review ingredients of any goodies before indulging.
  5. Stay in Groups: Inevitably, a night of trick or treating starts can start out organized and quickly devolves evolve into chaos. For older kids, make sure they are out with a large group of friends. For younger children, keep tabs on them throughout the night. With proper supervision and a team approach, we can help our kids avoid falls, trips and other hazards in the dark.
  6. Hydrate: When you combine running with often restrictive or hot costumes, it is important to keep kids hydrated throughout the night. Throw a small water bottle in their bag and, to make more room for candy, encourage kids to drink it!

While the excitement of Halloween is sure to encourage families to relax some rules, emphasizing health and safety can ensure that everyone has a fun evening.

Happy Halloween!

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